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Why A Phlebotomy For Varicose Veins?

Why A Phlebotomy For Varicose Veins

Perhaps, you have recently visited your doctor for varicose veins, and after being given a diagnosis, you are wondering why a phlebotomy for varicose veins?

There are over 150,000 of these types of surgeries just in the US every year and even more throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. They require a general anaesthesia, and most people know that any time you ‘go under’, there is a possibility of complications arising.

While bulging veins or discoloured veins on the surface of the skin are unpleasant, and sometimes even uncomfortable, the underlying cause of these symptoms causing varicose veins is not really addressed with a surgery like phlebotomy. More often than not, varicose veins will return.

So, why use a phlebotomy for varicose veins treatment? It’s a good question. Though some people may need to resort to this invasive removal of a portion of a vein using a suction device and small scissors, or blades; many people can solve the problem with much less intrusive and certainly less expensive means.

Including an evaluation of your situation prior to scheduling a surgery, and post-operative follow-ups, this surgery costs you, or your insurance company if they cover it (and many will not) a lot of money. Even if your insurance company covers it, unnecessary surgeries are part of the nation’s health care problems. Somebody ends up paying for anaesthesia and sutures, and eventually it is you.

There are other treatments that exist for varicose veins, and many are also offered by your doctor, but still more are available that are non-toxic, non-invasive and very inexpensive, or even freed. When these alternatives exist, why a phlebotomy for varicose veins? Because the medical profession may not want to lose all that income from surgery, and because you are not just a person with a problem to them, but a pay check, you may be told this is your only option.

An ambulatory phlebotomy means your veins are literally stripped from your body. Sometimes alternative routes will appear, as the body is quite flexible, but did you ever think that perhaps you might need those veins?

Sure, there are hundreds of miles of veins in the body, but each one is needed to keep blood flowing and draining correctly from many different organs and muscles. Once you learn of these other options for treatment, you may really wonder why a phlebotomy for varicose veins?

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